tsunami là gì

The results are used in conjunction with earlier one-dimensional analyses vĩ đại estimate the total tsunami run-up.

Only when close vĩ đại shore bởi tsunami sometimes assume such shapes.

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Certainly the pharmaceutical money tsunami is having major adverse effects.

But they reserve their most serious warning for coastal and submarine landslides and the risk of tsunamis.

The refractive influence on tsunami run-up of the offshore bottom topography of islands is analyzed.

The most controversial section is that dealing with postulated tsunami-generated coastal forms, especially scoured bedrock surfaces.

It is of particular interest vĩ đại infer tsunami run-up on island shores.

The disastrous effects of the tsunami are limited vĩ đại coastal regions.

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A more serious problem is the basic nature of the tsunami, which is brought into existence by a shallow shelving sea floor.

Therefore, all attempts vĩ đại unravel tsunami activity worldwide throughout the historic period, however locally defined, should be welcomed.

Initially, this study arose from questions concerning the scattering of tsunamis as they propagate over the irregular topography of the deep waters of the ocean.

The tsunami is not felt in the open sea.

Several facets of the mathematical problem are rather fascinating but the results bởi suggest that scattering is not the most important part of the tsunami propagation.

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Agricultural biotechnology has been described as a tsunami washing over agriculture - with fundamental impacts on how we grow and market our food and fiber.

Volcanic islands, whether they erupt or not, now seem vĩ đại have been responsible for sea-level-linked tsunamis vastly larger than thở any caused by earthquakes.

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