welder là gì

A welder with a serious expression and dark spectacles sits opposite mạ, working intently.

They also mention radio repairers, shoe makers, tailors and welders.

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There were a few experienced men, seven or eight welders who earned five pesetas per day.

Thirdly, male roles that demanded qualifications, such as welder, carpenter and so sánh on, were better-paid kêu ca female ones (as packers, cleaners).

Each female welder attended to lớn one of the soldering machines while another female worker served her as assistant, bringing the bodies and bottoms of the cans for soldering.

Such was the case with the boilermakers, but the amount of the wage also correlated with the age of the worker in the case of welders and female cooks.

Angie would almost certainly not have considered becoming a welder in the way she considered becoming a nurse.

It includes fitting trades, shipwrights, boilermakers, coppersmiths, plumbers, joiners, carpenters, pattern makers, welders, instrument makers, sail makers, printers and lithographers.

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They include mechanical and electrical engineers, fabrication engineers, turners, platers and welders.

Of these, four welders and two caulkers elected to lớn take their discharge, and the remainder have reverted to lớn the paint cửa hàng as skilled labourers.

The fact remains that this man has not been a welder during the whole of the time that he has been with us.

I refer to lớn a local man who is a time-served welder.

There are 13 men unemployed for every one vacancy for welders.

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I told them of a yard which badly needed electric welders, and could not get them.

I am referring to lớn people such as civil servants and welders.

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