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Information regarding his whereabouts was constantly relayed among and within factories.

The whereabouts of the rest of the postcrania of the holotype and paratype is currently unknown.

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The whereabouts of the remainder of the holotype is unknown.

The other ischium was never illustrated and its whereabouts is unknown.

Figures 1 and 2 give a graphic representation of the whereabouts of migrants born in the four villages.

A related phenomenon is that most unrelated donors tự not know the whereabouts of the recipients either.

The most tedious part of this study was ascertaining the whereabouts of these companies and their founders, nearly three decades after their incorporation.

Thus, in a time of plague, the whereabouts and safety of each ward took on even greater importance.

Unlike all other parish records, these folios provide the basis on which lớn construct biographies over time irrespective of the whereabouts of the individuals concerned.

In the case of manyfragmentaryfiles that were accessed by other state archives, the facts and whereabouts of their retrieval were likewise concealed.

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When, after an abduction, people demanded lớn know the whereabouts of their relatives, they were often met with silence, secrecy and obfuscation.

Rakesh tries lớn get information regarding his wife's whereabout.



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One patient and his controls were excluded because he had died during the investigation and his surrogates knew little about his previous habits and whereabouts.

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The whereabouts of the deleted material, which would permit a reconstruction of the original version of the opera, is unknown.

The people living in a camp usually know the whereabouts of their relatives.

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