wreak havoc là gì

Alarmists feared that the world's population explosion would wreak environmental and economic havoc.

On the other hand, because the parliamentary majorities of the coalitions have not been large, small regional parties can wreak havoc.

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In particular, it allowed its soldiers to lớn wreak havoc on civilians during military operations.

Consequently, the political arena has been left dominated by a few who have wreaked total havoc on the country.

The central political purpose of conventional warfare is to lớn wreak as much devastation as possible to lớn force opponents to lớn submit.

The advent of modern travel has wreaked further havoc on the appropriate preposition.

This can only wreak havoc on the ear and the mechanism of ear- finger interaction which a good player has spent decades developing.

Beyond family symptoms, personal symptoms of disorder, even at subsyndromal levels, are likely to lớn wreak havoc.

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An emotion with potentially more power to lớn wreak havoc and cause harm kêu ca any other was that of anger.

Obviously, the less one believed in ancestral spirits, the less one had reason to lớn fear that the ancestor collective would return to lớn wreak any vengeance.

For the past year, she had required nightly home page dialysis sessions, but the cancer continued to lớn wreak havoc.

Regardless of its efficacy, the policy wreaks havoc on the civilian population.

Hazardous in and of themselves, the fluids that emerged from the female body toàn thân could wreak havoc in the world.

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An outrageous force majeure is being wreaked on tenants—especially the elderly, as was pointed out— whereby they must obtain their insurance from a particular company.

We now know that smoking wreaks devastation on the population's health.

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